I Can’t Seem to Get It Right.

What Am I Doing Wrong
Frustration as a Key Motivator Fortress Learning

Do you find yourself feeling like this on your dream. I want to post twice a week, but my record hasn’t been stellar so far. I could blame external factors that are real like losing one of my blog post (I later found it), I posted one to publish in the morning, but that was the post that got lost and it didn’t publish how I thought it should. I have gotten distracted a couple of times. But if I am honest with myself, I can learn from these mistakes and learn from them and get it right.

Nothing But Excuses

For instance, I can use a better tool to help save my post correctly. Hopefully I have found that tool. I can also set up reminders to help me remember to post. I need to make this task one of my “frogs” of the day. It needs to be at the top of the list of things to do.

What Can I Do About It

I do have a stockpiles of blog ideas which will help. I also need to see when I have obstacles coming up. I have family coming into town in July and I need to spend time with the family without missing my post.

I need to learn my toolset better so I know how to publish at a later day.

What’s Holding You Back?

What is keeping you from doing your best? What role are you playing that you need to correct?

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