Jonathan – Mixing it up

Mixing things up
As many of you know, I have been trying to lose weight. Last time I tried this, I lost 110 lbs. This time around, I am trying to lose even more. My biggest challenge this time around is a diet will work for a couple of days and then I will hit a long and frustrating plateau. I’ve decided to try mixing things up. My wife has been doing a juice cleanse. She has been doing it for over a week now and is seeing positive results. I myself have tried many things, Medifast, high fat, restrictive calorie, but keep getting the same results. Lose a few pounds and then hit a plateau where I yo-yo up and down. I read a while back one if
Chris Powell’s books
where he suggest alternating between high carb and high protein. He likes to mix things up. I decided to do something similar except I am adding one more component, juicing.

I use our local community recreation center. They have a big pool, weight room, indoor track, aerobic machines, racket and basketball courts. Another thing I like about the rec center is I have met a lot of good people. I had a lengthy chat today with Jonathan who told me about the benefits of including pomegranate juice along with pointers on how to use the pool as weight resistant training. He spent at least a half hour with me giving me pointers on how to make the most of my pool time. If there is interest, I will post an entry about it. Just comment or contact me via social media about your interest.

Hang in there and I will too!

Chris Powell

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