All About Your Heart

All about your heart. Believe me when I say
It’s not about your scars
It’s all about your heart – Mindy Gledhill

Mindy Gledhill

I’ve been traveling the past few days and I heard a song by Mindy Gledhill. The quote above tells us it’s not are scars that are important, but our heart. A physical example is after my surgery for subdural hematoma and having my skull removed and reattached with titanium screws, I was left with 80 some odd staples in my head.
2 years later I still have six noticeable dents and some pretty good scar tissue around these dents. These are battle scars but they haven’t been the defining point since my surgery. I feel like I had a strong will or heart if you will after the surgery. I couldn’t walk, talk or even use the restroom when I woke up 10 days later. I had to have the heart to face these challenges head on. I told myself that I would do what ever was asked of me. With all of my friends and family cheering me on. I was motivated not to let them down.
One event that sticks out was when I was asked to move from a chair to an elevated mat that I could receive physical therapy on. What would be an easy task for me now, took me 20 minutes to accomplish. I kept trying because I had family in the room and I didn’t want to disappoint everyone by asking for help. It took me a while, but it was in my heart to do it.
The idea I’m trying to get across is that it doesn’t matter what you have been through. What matters is how your heart comes out after struggling hard. Try hard not to let past events define you too much. Keep your good heart and try to hang on to what you know is true.
I am cheering for you and hope you will cheer for me as well. We all go through very hard things in this life. Don’t let the affliction overcome your soul. We are all better than that.

         Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. Christine Ackerson

    This is your best blog yet! You are getting better and better at expressing yourself. I love you to pieces!
    Your sister


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