Having Someone in Your Corner

Having Someone in Your Corner

When I was growing up I remember some great fights being shown on television and the audio was also played on the radio. It was the golden age of heavy weight boxing. The self-proclaimed best, Cassius Clay, whom later was known as Muhammed Ali was in his prime. He fought the likes of Joe Frazier and George Forman came on the scene before he started selling his grilles. One thing all had in common was they had someone good in their corner to help them with strategy, handle cuts and bruises and knowing when to throw in the towel when the fighter was under distress and couldn’t make a decision for himself. Remember Mick in Rocky? “Cut me Mick!”

Cut me


We All Need Someone In Our Corner

Yesterday I spent two hours at lunch with my high school buddy Mark. It was non-stop laughs the whole time as we remembered our fun times together. We all need someone we can laugh with.
This morning, my church leader, Bishop Moore, came by to see me. He gave me needed counsel and left me grateful for the largeness of his spirit. We all need someone who inspires and lifts us.
Today was a state holiday where we honor our ancestors who settled this part of the US in 1847. We celebrate with a huge parade, barbecues and lots of fun family time. I watched my good wife work her heart out all day long to make sure we were all having a good time. She has been by my side helping me and being patient. We all need someone who we love more than anything. And it just so happens that they love us too
My whole family is incredible. They are constantly encouraging me and are patient with me. It’s great to have family on your side.
Who is in your corner? Have you expressed your appreciation for them lately?

   Hang in there and I will too!

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