Take The Phone Off Your Body

Take The Phone Off Your Body

We are having family visiting from out of town for a little longer than a week. My grandson grabbed two toy tigers out of the toy boxes and asked me if I wanted to play with him. I said “Sure!” I had been stretched out on the recliner with my phone laying on my belly for quick access to all the important things that happen on the phone. <sarcasm>
He said, “Take the phone off your body.”

Phone on the body, C bgoodylose 2015

Phone on the body, C bgoodylose 2015

His wisdom was pretty impressive for not quite being four. He knew that I wasn’t ready to give him full attention if the phone was in easy reach.

Being In The Moment

This is so typical of life. Are we fully involved with what we are doing at the moment, whether we are playing with our kids or grandkids, eating dinner with the family or working on an important project. If we don’t give the activity our full attention we are cheating ourselves, others and the activity itself of our best efforts. How many times have you seen someone focusing on their phone when someone or something is right next to them. I have seen the bored look in someones face when someone the love and admire isn’t giving them your full attention.


  1. Put your phone in Do Not Disturb or airplane mode when you are with someone.
  2. Do the same at the breakfast and dinner table. Make the table a no phone zone. Sit, listen and interact!
  3. If you are at a place where you are being served, be respectful and let the phone ring or the text go unanswered for the few minutes that you are being served. Make the interaction memorable for you and them. You will get better service and maybe make a new friend.
  4. The phone call or text should never take priority over who you are with. Voice mail works great and whomever texted you can wait a bit before you respond.
  5. Always, always be the master of your device, not vice versa. You can control your reactions to the device by being proactive with it. Know how to silence your phone quickly and avoid the temptation to pull it out and glance at the phone when you are with others.
  6. Always ask permission of the person you are with to use the phone. “Do you want me to look that up?”, Gets the other person involved with the phone use
  7. Silence is not a queue to pull out your phone and start using it. Use the silence to observe who you are with. Use it to think of something that you found interesting today or an observation you made. Ask them about their views on the subject or what they would have done and share your own experience. Sometimes it’s enough for me to sit in silence with someone and just enjoy their company. I enjoy being close to some people.

I find myself being tempted to use my phone when I shouldn’t, but when I avoid the temptation, I am usually deeply rewarded.

Hang in there and I will too!

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