Be A Liger


Shasta the Liger

Be A Liger
In July, when the family was in town, we took a trip to the Bean Museum on the
Brigham Young University campus. It is filled with animals that have gone under the skilled hands of a taxidermist. I ran into an old friend, no not a high school classmate, but a stuffed animal from my growing up years, .

Thanks to Napoleon Dynamite, ligers became famous but most of you probably thought it was something that he made up. She was born in 1948 and died in 1972. I am old enough to remember good old Shasta. Her attraction was her uniqueness.
Why am I reminiscing about Shasta? She was unique. The head of a lion and the body of a tiger. She was really a cool animal and we had her at our local zoo.  Preston Idaho is where Napoleon Dynamite lived so maybe he was inspired to draw his killer liger from either seeing her at the Hogle Zoo where she lived before she died or took a trip further south to see her on display.

Sometimes we have problems trying to decide what we are and what are our strengths. Maybe we are trying to shed a specific strength to help us focus on another. But what if both strengths are what make us unique. For example, maybe you are a good photographer and a good writer. Why not combine both strengths in a blog or use it to drive an Instagram account that is tied to your blog. You get the idea. You may have artistic talent that you could leverage to strengthen your story making skills or augment your slide presentation. Take advantage of all of your strengths.


Hang in there and I will too!

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