Embrace The Change

It is fall in Utah, we are far enough  north and high enough in altitude (4600') to experience all four seasons.  Sometimes, I hear complaints, (and I am guilty of this myself), about the weather of the current season.  It can get too hot, too cold, too snowy, etc to suit one's needs.  But when I contemplate the seasons, I am grateful for the changes that we experience.   When I think of the 4th of July, I enjoy thinking about how hot it gets and I enjoy watching if not participating in a good water fight.  Christmas would not be the same without cold temperatures and snow.  Spring is always welcomed with the warming temperatures and the budding trees.  I know of a globe willow tree that gets a green tint to it's branches just before the leaves burst forth.  Snow shoeing and hiking come at the appropriate time and I enjoy both.  
I would not enjoy where I live as much without the changing seasons.  The changes also bring needed climate conditions to sustain life here.  If we have a bad snow year in the mountains, the water forecasters will shake there heads.  If spring didn't come gradually, we would have undo flooding and the reservoirs would not fill as they should.  Without the warm days of summer, we would not get our delicious tomatoes that seem to thrive in the hot weather.  I am grateful for the changes of the seasons.  
Life is quite similar.  We have seasons in our life that come and go.  Childhood, young adulthood, married life, having kids, growing older and when and how our talents blossom occur at different times of our lives.  Instead of bemoaning the fact, we should embrace the different seasons of our life and be grateful for them.  I couldn't write much when I was going to school with a houseful of kids and working full time.  As much as I enjoy writing, it just wasn't the right time to pursue personal writing.  Blogs weren't really much of an option then as the internet was just taking off, (yes I am old), so I had to put that on the back burner for a while.  It wasn't until later after I was graduated and the kids grew older that I felt I could write on a regular basis.   
I never suspected that life would throw me a curve with my TBI and how much it would effect my life.  I went from an amateur athlete to a slow, obese old guy who has trouble walking around the block without getting exhausted.  I hope I am getting back on track.  I have taken long-term disability due to fatigue issues and have lost 30 lbs trying to get back where I should be weight wise.  I still have a long way (sigh) to go, but at least I have started down the right track.   
Take the time to ponder the season in your life.  Are you making the most of your kid years.  Don't leave yourself with a bucketful of regrets.  Even if you do the best job you can as a parent, you will look back with regrets on those times you didn't take with your kids when they still thought you were cool.  Make sure you are taking advantage of this season in your life and not filling it with useless time sinks.  Get busy on what this season offers.  It will keep your reservoirs filled up, I promise.  


Hang in there and I will too!

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