Seven Reasons to Take Pictures on your Vacation

I have read a lot lately that those who take a lot of pictures during an event that they are not getting as much out of an experience as they should. I was recently at Yellowstone National Park. I came up with several reasons why taking pictures is immersive and inclusive.

1 It takes time to compose a good shot . You really have to look at your subject, decide how to frame the object, decide what to include and exclude. You are using the right-side of your brain to make these decisions and it requires some thought and imagination.

2 I enjoyed watching a father and daughter interact as he let her use the expensive camera and gave her the benefit of his experience as well as his encouragement.

3 It takes patience to put a group shot together especially when you got wiggly kids involved.

4 Pictures help preserve the memory. There are many times that pictures have come on a screen saver and reminded me of an event that I had already forgotten. They are perfect memory joggers.

5 Going along with 4 they help preserve a shared experience and increase bonds of friendship and love.

6 A camera catches light and detail differently than your eyes do. This can enhance the scene. It also perfectly catches a moment in time. We have had many family pictures where we have laughed afer the fact of frozen expressions that we missed the first time.

7 It is so convienent to take pictures now with our phones. We are not far off from the time when they will rival DSLR’s.

So go ahead and take pictures guilt free. They will increase your enjoyment of the event now and later.

Hang in there and I will too!


hang in there and I will too!

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