Making the Little Things Big

I heard his statement recently on television and it got me thinking what small things in my life have been a big deal.
1. I was backing out of my driveway once in a time of my life when I was’t in the best place. As I was backing out of the driveway, my daughter who was probably about four came out to the driveway and looked at me like,” Where are you going Dad?”. I thought to myself, ” Where am I going?”. I pondered that question for a while and vowed to make some changes for the better. Thanks Kathleen!
2. When I was in high school, I remember standing in the building where the auditorium was. I could go left and try out for the musical or head right and go to my car. I made the decision to go try out and it ended up making a big difference in my life. If I would have gone home I probably never would have hooked up with my life and my life would be so much different today.
3. My father-in-law has been gone many years, but he saved my life by saying to me, “Hold on to what you know is true deep in your heart.” This came at a time when I was in a bad place and was losing grip with who and what I had wanted to be. I was worried talking to him because I thought he would read me the riot act, but he knew what I needed to hear and said the right thing at the right time. It turned me around.
4. Once I loaded up the truck with junk and was just about to hop in the truck and head for the dump. My oldest asked if she could with. Thinking that no one in their right mind would want to go to the stinky dump I tried to tell her no, but she came back with, “Dad, did you ever think that I just want to spend time with you?!?”. Humbled I said, “Jump in.”. I never tried to pass up an opportunity to be with someone again. Thanks Hillary!

We should never underestimate the impacts of what we do today. We may make a choice today that will have more of an impact than we can ever imagine. Take the time to savor the small moments and remember the small moments add up to the sum of our lives.

Hang in there and I will too!

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