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When I first started my blog, it was for accountability each week. After my injury, I gained back all the weight I lost and more. It has been a spiral of being fatigued because of my injury and being fatigued because of my weight. When I went and saw my PA about my heart. We both knew before I went in that losing weight would be good for my heart but help some of the energy come back as well. She just didn’t give me a lecture, she gave me some of her experience. She personally had lost 85 lbs. no she said it was the easiest weight lost she had ever done. She told me that weight watchers had changed things up recently and it was much easier to follow. I have lost weight before with weight watchers so I checked it out. They have an online/app program that is easy to track the points. I really like the app and just like LoseIt which I also like, it will read barcodes and has a large database to lookup foods you type in. Really easy and I find the point system very generous. Most days I have enough points left at the end of the day to have a generous snack . I couldn’t be happier. So far I have lost 13 lbs! Some days I gain but most days I lose so no worries.
One thing about Weight Watchers that I didn’t like was the weekly weigh in and meeting. These used to be mandatory. It was like going to an AA Meeting with older women clapping their hands for your successes. Not my type of motivation! You can still do that if you want, but there is an online- app option that I chose.
I’m glad to be back on the losing wagon again. Hopefully I will stay encouraged and take this extra weight off.
Are you where you want to be weight wise? If not, what are you doing to get where you want to be?
I will start showing stats again when I post on Mondays. It helps me when I am accountable.
I hope to start up exercising again. It is a real struggle for me, but Weight Watchers takes activity into account as well.
Hang in there and I will too!

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  1. Quinn Wolfert

    Hey uncle Bruce. I came across your post here. We could relate in many ways. You may know I have Schizophrenia. During the first 5 years of medical treatment for that I went from 190 lbs to 353 lbs. It was a combination of meds causing weight loss and trying to cope with the illness through bad eating. On September 2015 I went to a nutritionist because I had worked with my doctors for 3 years on weight loss. I didn’t have hope with this nutritionist but my doctor was worse, he was ready to do a gastric by pass. I began a diet that at my year mark last month put me down 94 lbs. But that is only a bonus. The true blessing is that my mental health is nearly completely healed by this diet. I have my life back, still plenty of challenges, but free of a very dark part of my schizophrenia. You have support here. I would love to visit you guys or chat further. Messages me if you would like.

    1. brucegud@gmail.com Post author

      Hey Quinn! Great or hear from you. I wasn’t aware of how much you were struggling and am glad you got things under control. Keep up the great work and never give up!


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