How I Plan To Make It Through Halloween (and other Holidays)

As promised here are my weekly stats.

| Date | Weight | Change |Since|
|10/31/16 | 352.7 | -.04 | -12.8

I know how to run a marathon. One mile at a time.


Don’t start out too fast or you will burn out. I said last week that I had lost 13 lbs which was true, but of course, I gained back 3 lbs the very next day so this week has been taking those three lbs off. I am still feeling very happy tracking points with Weight Watchers. It has been easy and I have been able to go to parties and out to eat and make a determination up front if I want to put something in my mouth.
Now to the subject. How will I make it past tonight? I plan on eating normally during the day. I am less likely to overeat during the day than at night. After dinner, I will be sure to eat an apple which satisfies my sweet tooth and add needed fiber. I will be a lot less tempted to sneak candy if I am happy. If I cannot overcome the opportunity to eat candy, I promise here and now to track anything that enters my mouth. I can always pop up a bag of low fat Jolly-Time popcorn that doesn’t make a big dent in my points. I can look forward to my nightly treat if I hang on as well.
Hope you have a great time with family and friends tonight. If nothing else it’s fun to see neighborhood kids dressed up and giving them some candy (to sell to their dentist! :))

Hang in there and I will too!

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