Some Things Can Be Harder Than They Appear

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I just barely noticed that before I started posting again I hadn’t posted since mid-July. I have been contemplating why that is so. I actually have a few blog post written, but just couldn’t find it within myself to publish them. When perceived effort exceeds our perceived ability, we tend to procrastinate.
Let me explain.
1. I didn’t remember where the blog post were. I have used several writing tools to write my blogs and even though I had an idea where they were I wasn’t sure and I haven’t felt good enough to go searching. Sticking with one place to write and publish from would help solve that problem. I really like [Ulysses]( “Ulysses “) for writing so I think I will stick with it. They just supported publishing directly to your blog, but I have run into a problem where it is publishes to an alternate blog that I have in WordPress. I will have to search on their site for the fix.(I have since figured it out, I just needed to suse the custom setup option in Ulysses which allowed me to pick the blog where I wanted to post)
2. I have reminders to publish my blog, but I have just pressed complete and moved on. I need to take my notifications more seriously. [Due]( “Due”) is a great reminder app that persistently bugs you until you complete the task, but you can get around it by just hitting “Complete”. I need to take the reminders more seriously.
3. Just do a little bit. Opening up an app and committing to one line of writing can propel you forward in completing a task. I started out writing this journal by just committing to publishing the previously written post led me to writing this one. Not bad for a small commitment.
4. Do important task first. In the Book, “[Eat that Frog](”, it emphasizes doing your most important task first thing. It is easy to get consumed by email and social media and have the day be gone and we have used up all of our in Incentive and energy on low return activities. Decide what your “frog” is and “Git ‘er done!”
5. Habits are best formed when associated the a trigger. Maybe brushing your teeth can help trigger a habit you want to do. Like drink more water. Commit to drink 16 oz. of water each time you brush your teeth. Before long the trigger will make your habit stick.

I hope you have good success eating your frog!

What do you do to get things done? Comment below.


Git ‘er done!


Hang in there and I will too!

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