What Trump’s Election Has Taught Me

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*Disclaimer. I did not vote for either Clinton or Trump. I voted for a third party candidate. I am glad I voted my conscience and didn’t think either candidate met my standards. Don’t let anyone talk you into voting for the lesser of two evils. Don’t vote for someone just because you are voting against someone. Vote for what is right!*



## Hollywood has less influence than it think it does
Many celebrities implored us to go out and vote. Many of us did and many voted that went contrary to their point of view. Now they are crying about the Electoral College, how our country will tailspin and so forth. Hollywood does not know any better than we do on who to vote for. Most of those who spoke out are extreme on one side or the other. Most Americans are common sense people who don’t match values with extremist on either side.
## The press is not all knowing
Much like Hollywood the press had a chip on its shoulder the whole election cycle on what they thought was right and what was wrong. Instead of taking the un-biased route, most media outlets chose sides and it showed. I couldn’t stick with election coverage with any one station because I am sick of talking heads who think they are all knowing. It was kind of fun to watch Wolf Blitzer try to not fall down from a heart attack as he kept questioning his colleague with the oversized iPad, touch his way county by county in swing states as it showed Trump might win it.

## Polls are overrated.
The election polls were not even close this year. They must not have polled the right people or the people they polled were afraid to admit out loud that they were going to vote for Trump.

Polls didn't have it right.

Polls didn’t have it right.

## Your opinion is great if it agrees with mine
I have been surprised at the back lash of this election. I wasn’t thrilled when Obama won over Romney last election but I didn’t take to the streets yelling obscenities at my newly elected president. Or fly to Chicago to protest in front of his house. My son-in-law says it’s different because Obama had the experience to be president. My point is someone got elected that I didn’t agree with but it was better to be respectful and give him the benefit of thee doubt and hope that our nation would prosper.
There was a protester in Salt Lake City who was caught on camera, spraying obscenities about Trump. When the reporter asked him why. He said it was cool! His co-protester then asked what station it was and then proceeded to show the camera his middle finger. Can you believe that? That makes as much sense as a riot over something your upset about and breaking into a neighbor’s store and taking whatever you can carry out. The store owner likely did not cause the problem you are upset about. It hurts your neighborhood and you are selfish. It doesn’t help your cause.
[CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Anti-Trump protester vandalizing utility box (writing “F— Trump”) during last night’s big protest in SLC. #kutv2news](https://twitter.com/danielmwoodruff/status/797093515578613760)
## The Electoral College Is Important and is There for a Reason
Our founding fathers chose to go with the [Electoral College](https://youtu.be/W9H3gvnN468 “Electoral College”) because they wanted to be sure every vote counted. Large states would always be in charge of the election if we went with the popular vote. The electoral college helps all votes count. There is a reason behind it and it’s a good one. I can see why people might be upset when their candidate wins the popular vote but loses through the Electoral College. Do some research before you jump on the popular vote outcry wagon.
## We need to give fairly elected officials our support and have an open mind
Even though I haven’t been thrilled with current policies, I don’t have any bad will against President Obama. I think he tried his best and he found out like Trump will that just because your President, the other branches of our government don’t go away. A consensus needs to be reached for policy to be enacted.
## Everything will work out ok
Just like the sun came up the day after the election. It will everyday for the next four years. Trump will have a chance to reform government and “drain the swamp.”. If he doesn’t work out, vote someone else in that can make things work the way you want them too. I have great faith and hope in America. We can work together to keep it great!

Hang in there and I will too!

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