Oncoming Traffic

I have had an exciting couple of days. On Thursday on my way to an appointment I dumped my motorcycle and skidded into oncoming traffic. Thankfully traffic was light on the road. I was really blessed to have several people stop. One of them was an off-duty paramedic. The police and paramedics quickly came and they checked me over and we decided together they wouldn’t take me to hospital but they encouraged me to either go to my doctor or to an InstaCare. I tried to get into my doctor but he didn’t have any openings so Barbara and I went to the InstaCare. They had me get some x-rays and found out that I had five fractured rib. I have been sitting in the same chair for three days now and it really hurts me to move very much. I have an appointment to see my own doctor on Wednesday. I’m hoping that I will be able to move around by then.

Being stuck in the chair all day is not much fun. It has taken me off of my writing challenge to write 50,000 words in November. But I am trying to figure out how to use dictation to get my words written. I am using dictation to write this blog so if you see something weird it’s not my usual weirdness but the dictation probably didn’t work out like I expected.
I never knew how painful fractured ribs could be I’ve had some ribs bruised before and I was very uncomfortable but nothing like this. I talked to my neighbor who’s had several broken bones and he described it like having a knife in your back and I would have to concur. All I can hope for is a quick recovery and be able to get out of this chair pretty soon.
My wife has been very supportive to me and I truly do appreciate her and any healthcare provider. I have been the recipient of many kind people over the last several years and I’m grateful for for their patience and kindness to me.
My sister Chris is been very supportive as well not only for this injury but ever since my operation a few years back she’s trying to help me recover and I really appreciate everything she’s done for me. I hope you all have good siblings like I do.
I hope I have learned from their great examples. And will show kindness to others the rest of my life.

Hang in there and I will too.

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