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Oncoming Traffic

I have had an exciting couple of days. On Thursday on my way to an appointment I dumped my motorcycle and skidded into oncoming traffic. Thankfully traffic was light on the road. I was really blessed to have several people stop. One of them was an off-duty paramedic. The police and paramedics quickly came and they checked me over and we decided together they wouldn’t take me to hospital but they encouraged me to either go to my doctor or to an InstaCare. I tried to get into my doctor but he didn’t have any openings so Barbara and I went to the InstaCare. They had me get some x-rays and found out that I had five fractured rib. I have been sitting in the same chair for three days now and it really hurts me to move very much. I have an appointment to see my own doctor on Wednesday. I’m hoping that I will be able to move around by then.

Being stuck in the chair all day is not much fun. It has taken me off of my writing challenge to write 50,000 words in November. But I am trying to figure out how to use dictation to get my words written. I am using dictation to write this blog so if you see something weird it’s not my usual weirdness but the dictation probably didn’t work out like I expected.
I never knew how painful fractured ribs could be I’ve had some ribs bruised before and I was very uncomfortable but nothing like this. I talked to my neighbor who’s had several broken bones and he described it like having a knife in your back and I would have to concur. All I can hope for is a quick recovery and be able to get out of this chair pretty soon.
My wife has been very supportive to me and I truly do appreciate her and any healthcare provider. I have been the recipient of many kind people over the last several years and I’m grateful for for their patience and kindness to me.
My sister Chris is been very supportive as well not only for this injury but ever since my operation a few years back she’s trying to help me recover and I really appreciate everything she’s done for me. I hope you all have good siblings like I do.
I hope I have learned from their great examples. And will show kindness to others the rest of my life.

Hang in there and I will too.

Stay out of the Weeds

Stay focused (1)

Stay out of the Weeds


Have you ever been going down the road, thinking you are doing well and paying attention then suddenly you heard rump rump letting you know that you had strayed from your lane. Or even worse before rumble strips you hit a few weeds on the side of the rod. There are many reasons that this happen but most of it is due to distractions. Distractions on the road can stem from, texting, eating, being sleepy,day dreaming, and fumbling with the radio. I look forward to the technology that will help us avoid the consequences of these distraction. Things like lane assist, proximity braking are just two of the emerging technologies that will no doubt save millions of lives every year.
We would do well to have technology save us from ourselves. Do you find yourself intending to start on something that you thought needed doing and then an hour later finding that you did everything other than the task at hand. Here are some suggestions to help you stay out of the weeds.
Eliminate distractions:

    • Close down browsers/tabs that you find entertaining.
    • Don’t read email first thing.
      • I’ve heard that email is someone else’s agenda for your time and money. Plan your email time out and use GTD principles on processing it.
    • Plan out your day the night before.
    • Identify the three most important things to be done that next day. Identify one of them as your frog. Frog?!? Mark Twain is credited with saying to identify your frog for the day. Eat it first and the rest of the day will seem easier in comparison. Cautionary note. Don’t tel yoour significant other that they are your frog of the day. Even though it may be the most important thing to do today, it i not a favorable comparison and you will have a lot of back tracking to do to get out of trouble!
    • If your boss tries to pile something else on you, tell them what you are working on and if they want you to dump that on work on this new project. It will put the burden on them to see if you should change course.
    • Try a system like the pomodoro method to help you focus.
    • Invest in some sound canceling headphones. What a difference it make to block out noises around you! Here are the ones I like:

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  • Distraction are all around us and will take us off track without warning. Don’t beat yourself, just realize what distracts you and come up with effective strategies to help you get on top of them or even eliminate them. Distraction are my biggest enemy to getting the things done that I want, These suggestions have helped me and I hope thy help you too.
Hang in there and I will too

Take The Phone Off Your Body

Take The Phone Off Your Body

We are having family visiting from out of town for a little longer than a week. My grandson grabbed two toy tigers out of the toy boxes and asked me if I wanted to play with him. I said “Sure!” I had been stretched out on the recliner with my phone laying on my belly for quick access to all the important things that happen on the phone. <sarcasm>
He said, “Take the phone off your body.”

Phone on the body, C bgoodylose 2015

Phone on the body, C bgoodylose 2015

His wisdom was pretty impressive for not quite being four. He knew that I wasn’t ready to give him full attention if the phone was in easy reach.

Being In The Moment

This is so typical of life. Are we fully involved with what we are doing at the moment, whether we are playing with our kids or grandkids, eating dinner with the family or working on an important project. If we don’t give the activity our full attention we are cheating ourselves, others and the activity itself of our best efforts. How many times have you seen someone focusing on their phone when someone or something is right next to them. I have seen the bored look in someones face when someone the love and admire isn’t giving them your full attention.


  1. Put your phone in Do Not Disturb or airplane mode when you are with someone.
  2. Do the same at the breakfast and dinner table. Make the table a no phone zone. Sit, listen and interact!
  3. If you are at a place where you are being served, be respectful and let the phone ring or the text go unanswered for the few minutes that you are being served. Make the interaction memorable for you and them. You will get better service and maybe make a new friend.
  4. The phone call or text should never take priority over who you are with. Voice mail works great and whomever texted you can wait a bit before you respond.
  5. Always, always be the master of your device, not vice versa. You can control your reactions to the device by being proactive with it. Know how to silence your phone quickly and avoid the temptation to pull it out and glance at the phone when you are with others.
  6. Always ask permission of the person you are with to use the phone. “Do you want me to look that up?”, Gets the other person involved with the phone use
  7. Silence is not a queue to pull out your phone and start using it. Use the silence to observe who you are with. Use it to think of something that you found interesting today or an observation you made. Ask them about their views on the subject or what they would have done and share your own experience. Sometimes it’s enough for me to sit in silence with someone and just enjoy their company. I enjoy being close to some people.

I find myself being tempted to use my phone when I shouldn’t, but when I avoid the temptation, I am usually deeply rewarded.

Hang in there and I will too!

Try Something Different

Try Something Different

Sometimes we get stuck on the same thing and won’t let go of it. Even if that thing is giving us diminishing returns. I would like to suggest the power in trying something different.

Diminishing Returns

You are probably aware of diminishing returns. Some proscribe to the fact that 20% of the efforts that we make are the efforts that make the biggest difference. That means we waste 80% of our time working on the same thing. For example, I was getting stuck on putting a header picture on my blog. WordPress wanted it to be a certain dimension. I knew and understood what was needed, but I didn’t know how to get the job done in Photoshop. I spent 80% of my time trying to learn how to do it. I could have finished up in Photoshop, but I got the job done quicker and easier using Canva on my iPad. I got the job done with the 20%. I wish I would have looked for an alternative quicker. It would have saved me a bunch of time.

Find out a different way of doing things

I have suffered with the effects of my TBI caused by a subdural hematoma. I have been blessed by looking at alternatives. I have seen a lot of medical doctors and experts who have tried to help me overcome my fatigue. I have tried taking Nuvigil which is used to treat narcoleptics to stay awake. It was like taking sugar pills at the rate of $100 / month. Nothing has been as effective as working with my sister who practices cranio-sacral therapy. This alternative has helped me understand my fatigue better. I often feel much better after a session with her. I really appreciate all she has done for me!

What can you do differently than you are doing now?

Stop what you are working hard on for long enough to determine if you are doing it in an effective way. Don’t be afraid to try doing it different. You never know, you may find a better way and enjoy what you are doing a lot more. I have been doing my zentangle pictures using Paper 53 app, but I found an app last night which I really like and it has enhanced my drawing enjoyment. The app is called Sketches
My art is not even close to professional quality, but I am having a fun time exploring art. Here is an example of my ineptness

Find the 20% that will make the difference in your life and the particular problem you are trying to overcome.

Hang in there and I will too!