Monthly Archives: March 2016

Where The Heck Have You Been?

I haven’t posted in a while and there are several reasons why.
* My son-in-law contracted meningitis in late December. We traveled down to AZ and spent most of January helping with the grandkids. It was hectic being in charge of 9 rambunctious kids. Not unlike when we were the parents of as many kids, but not at our age. We got them off to school, fed them, helped with homework, got them to lessons and other activities. Never a dull moment. It was iffy for a bit with my son-in-law, but he rallied and was home by the end of the month. Meningitis is not for sissies. He did great.
* While we were in AZ. my dad died. It wasn’t unexpected but it still hit me hard. I will miss this great man. ![Dad](Image%2018.jpg)
* We decided to take the long way home and visited with our daughter in Texas. My first time to the Lone Star State and I was really impressed. We had a great time.
* We stopped by Carlsbad Caverns on the way home. The elevator was out of service so we were required to walk down to the main room. I couldn’t hike quick enough to make the cutoff time. I ended up walking back up without seeing the main cavern. I was disappointed in myself but my wife made it down and was able to see the main part so I was happy for her.
* ![Title](IMG_0260.JPG)
* This last month has been rough on me. I was taken off LTD so I need to find work for a few more years. I have never been more fatiged since my disability and so I have struggled. Things will work out but I need to plug along to making happen.
* My sister found a place that deals with concussions. I have an eval on Tues. to see if I qualify. I sure hope I do and the treatments will help. Stay tuned.

* Hang in there and I will too