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@: What My 8 Girls have Taught Me

@: What My 8 Girls have Taught Me Untitled
I am a father of 9 children and as the joke goes only 8 of them are girls. Our only boy is second to the youngest and has endured having many mothers as he grew up. He was everything from the cute and unique dress-up boy to the scolded and vilified little demon that showed very little propensity to growing up to be a productive citizen.
I have endured many estrogen filled discussions at the kitchen table ranging from the sad state of men to TMI on the female monthly cycle. Once I was at a family gathering when one of my sisters-in-law said something about her monthly cycle she she stopped, looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, did I embarrass you?” To which I replied, “No. I’m just sick of hearing about in.”
Each of my girls has given me much to learn from.
My oldest has taught me about honesty and integrity and patience. She also has nine children and is one of the most patient people that I know. She has a great love for her family and it shows.
My second oldest has taught me about having a positive attitude and a happy disposition no matter what life throw at you. She has been through a lot, but you would never know it.
Number three has taught me about persistence and loyalty. She and I may disagree on politics, but her love of music almost matches mine. She and her husband have a remarkable family.
Number four has taught me that being sweet and nice can go a long way. She lives half way across the country and has made an impact on those around her including here post card perfect family.
Number five has taught me about home is where you make it. She has moved several places in the country and just seems to make it home with here husband and cute little girl.
Number six has taught me to make the best of what life throws at you. She has had epilepsy since Jr. High School and has seizures most days. She is also busy with twin boys. She has memory problems based on medication and multiple seizures but yet she is so sweet to be around.
Number seven has shown me that you can do most anything you set your mind to. She and her husband did extensive remodeling on the house they first lived in. They figured out how to do most of the stuff themselves. It was amazing to see how they figured things out.
My youngest has taught me how to be forgiving and loving. She recently had to make some really hard life decisions and faced them head on. She had an amazing attitude despite things being hard.
I would be remiss if I didn’t include my one and only son. He has taught me to face your fears head-on. He has had to overcome anxiety and other challenges in his life.
We have so much to learn from those around us. I have learned a to from my children through the years. You don’t need to look far to find your heroess.