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Memorial Day- Remember

I hope you’re having a great Memorial Day. This day was set apart for us to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe.
My teenage years were during the Vietnam war. I always thought it was a big disgrace the way Vietnam vets were treated on their return home. Most were drafted and had no choice but to go. They suffered tremendous hardships and witnessed atrocities that would affect many of them the rest of their lives. Yet on their return home they called names, spit upon and many felt to dress in their civilian clothes rather than go through the airport in there uniforms. There were no cheers on the airplane, meals bought or thank you’d thrown their way. Shame on us!
It is important to remember those who have s served or will serve. Many come back alive but are scared physically and emotionally. I hope we always remember those who came before us and was wisely observed by one I admire a lot. We sit in the shade of the trees that others planted.
Thanks to our ancestors and our military!

_Hang in there and I will too!_