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Personal History

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon. Since I have dropped out of the workforce, I am often not sure what day it is. There is some structure to week, but not very much, so I have to make a conscience effort to keep track of the days.
The LDS church is full of volunteers. It’s how we keep things running. In each ward, (the smallest group of our organization), who is lead by the Bishop, who was asked (called) to be the leader, by our Stake President. A stake is a group of wards lead by the Stake President. Our Stake President was also asked (called) to their position. No one receives monetary compensation for the role except for a meager stipend for office supplies. Each ward is allocated a budget of money which comes from the tithing donations of the members. I was asked (called) to serve as a first assistant of the High Priest Group in our ward. High Priest are usually (but not always) senior priesthood holders in our ward. I was also asked to help the members of our ward with Family History. This is right up my alley since I used to work for the FamilySearch dept. of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I enjoy showing people how to use I learned a lot on the job but have really learned more by showing people how to use this great tool.
As you may know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, encourages us to search out our deceased ancestors and tie them into the tree.
Genealogy is one of the biggest activities on the internet. Many members of our church as well as non-members have caught the genealogy bug and are looking for their ancestors.
This month the state of Utah celebrates our ancestors on July 24th when the Salt Lake Valley was entered by Mormon Pioneers. It is amazing what has happened in this area in the 170 years ago today. One of my ancestors came into the valley with the first company, Norman Taylor. He wasn’t very old, maybe 18 or so. His name is on plaques in a couple of places in Salt Lake showing him as part of the first company.
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Come visit Utah if you haven’t had a chance. It will not disappoint. Everything from red rock national parks, to high mountain peaks and lakes. It is a land full of beauty and adventure.
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Hang in there and I will too!
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