I started bgoodylose several years ago as a way to keep myself accountable as I lost weight.  It was extremely motivating as I posted my stats each week and report on my losing weight and activties that I grew to love along the way.  I started running and completed several half marathons and even the Ogen Marathon.  I also grew to love hiking and made it the motivations of a new improved me as a attempted to complete my Three Peak Challenge. My goals this time is:

  1. Get back into shape and motivate myself and others to do so.
  2. Help those and interact with those who need motivation.
  3. Write motivation blog post twice a week.
  4. Report on overcoming fatigue which I have had for two years since I was operated on fora sub-dural hematoma.
  5. Help and motivate others who are suffering from fatigue and other issues related to post surgery recovery.

Welcome on board, enjoy the journey that we will take together.

Hang in there and I will too!